New Here?

Hello there! My name is Dominique and I’m a freelance writer/internet marketer/some other things. Blog About Blogs is exactly that! It’s a blog created by me where I review blogs, give tips for other bloggers, and some other helpful and hopefully entertaining info.

How I Find Blogs To Review

The reviews on this site are all done by me. I find blogs online, get recommendations from friends and also accept recommendations from readers to pick what sites I review. I try to find blogs in a variety of niches and don’t stick to just things I like. The goal of this site is to help bloggers out, help readers find blogs that they may like, and also to help connect different bloggers with others in similar niches. I don’t give positive reviews in exchange for any type of compensation! If you would like me to review your blog, please Contact Me.I do not guarantee that I will review your site however but I try my best to review as many sites as possible.

Blog Review Criteria

I look at a few different factors when determining the scores for blogs. In the actual review I go a little further in depth, but for the actual star ratings, here are the categories:

  • Content: This includes the quality of the content provided, the type of content (articles, videos, images, infographs etc.), and how regularly the content is updated. If you hired a bunch of Non-English speakers to write the content on your blog and its unreadable, expect a low score. What I look for is a mixture of different types of content that is entertaining/useful, and posts that occur regularly.
  • Design/Layout: For this category, the main points of consideration are how easy it is to navigate the blog, the color choice/aesthetics of the site, and major points for creative designs. So if your site looks like it was made in 1990, you’ll definitely lose some points in this category.
  • Social Media: I was a little hesitant in using this as a category but due to the increased integration of social networking sites, it really is a major feature that you should be incorporating into your blog. This category is about more than just having accounts on all networks as well. You have to actually make use of sites to get a nice score. So even if your only have 100 followers, if they’re engaged and you’re active, that’s what is really important.