Blog Review: Collecting Vinyl Records

Today, I have a brief review of the blog, Collecting Vinyl Records. The blog is all about Vinyl records. They feature new releases, album cover art, news, reviews, album sales, and even some music history. It’s targeted towards collectors and music vinyl record enthusiasts.

About Collecting Vinyl Records

I’ve never really gone on the internet in search of blogs about vinyl records, but I happened to stumble across Collecting Vinyl Records while looking for some new music related blogs. This blog happens to be started by a vinyl record enthusiast who also happens to have a record appraisal website as well. This blog has actually been around for quite some time (since 2007) and was created by Robert Benson.


I’ll start out with what I consider to be the highlight of this blog. The content on the site is great. You can tell the author has a true passion for vinyl records and music in general. He mentions everything from Jimi Hendrix to Adele. The wealth of knowledge he displays is very vast so I highly recommend anyone who is into vinyl records or music history to take a look at this blog because it’s one of the more informative music related blogs I’ve read. The content does seem to be aimed at an older audience, but I’m a rather young guy and still found it interesting. He does a good job of adding in pics, videos, and his own personal insight. So overall the content is solid.

Social Media

Collecting Vinyl Records doesn’t really make use of the popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube which is a shame because they would definitely help spread the word about this blog and vinyl records in general. Since it uses the Blogger/Blogspot platform, it does have over 100 members there, but it is certainly lacking overall in the social media avenue. But to it’s credit, I don’t think it’s meant to be a huge phenomenon or master blog. It’s more of a guy just sharing his opinions and some great info on music and records.


Ugh, I really don’t like design/layout of this blog at all. It’s extremely cluttered to navigate, bland (as you can see from the header below),  and there’s no sense of direction. It’s basically just a bunch of info thrown at you which isn’t very appealing. I think it would help out a lot if it had a clean theme that had some type of structure to it so that you don’t feel lost when you land on the site.

What Separates Collecting Vinyl Records

The author’s knowledge and ability to write is what really separates this blog. You can go anywhere to see the latest releases and news, but you won’t find as much information as Robert gives you on many other music related blogs. And the fact that it’s focused on the topic of vinyl records really helps it stand out.

The Wrap Up

Overall, Collecting Vinyl Records is a cool blog filled with a wealth of knowledge and information. If you’re thinking about getting into collecting vinyl records or just enjoy learning about new things, I’d suggest giving this site a look. Just don’t get put off by the design!

Social Media

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