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Blog Review: Fit Bottomed Girls

With the new year starting off, I know a lot of people made their resolutions to head back to the gym and to finally make this the year. Even though a majority of people don’t end up sticking with it (gyms start to get less packed in March), getting your health on track is always a great idea. In honor of that, I want to take the time to review a very popular fitness related blog specifically aimed at women, Fit Bottomed Girls. So if you’re one of the many people who pledged to get fit in 2013, check out my review and you may find that Fit Bottomed Girls can be quite helpful in your journey!

Jennipher and Erin

FBG Founders

About Fit Bottomed Girls

As I mentioned in the intro, Fit Bottomed Girls is a health/fitness blog that caters towards women. While this review is about the blog, FBG really is much more than that. They do charitable work throughout the country and participate in tons of community events as well to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle. In addition to FBG, there are a couple other Fit Bottomed websites.

FBG was created by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead (pictured above) but has grown over the years to include a group of other healthy ladies that contribute to the blog also. The blog mainly focuses on improving your overall health rather than solely trying to burn fat. As the about us page puts it:

They understand that health and fitness should be about enjoyable activities and the occasional treat, not about torturous workouts and deprivation.


By looking at the name of the blog, you could easily draw certain assumptions about what FBG is all about and what the content consists of. Despite the name however, FBG has a wealth of knowledge and useful tips that are useful to both sexes. Heck, I’m a guy and I read it weekly. So it’s fair to say that the content isn’t necessarily bias, even though they do have several articles specifically for women like The Smoothest Sports Bra You Can Buy Under $50.

question of the week

The content on the blog consists of pretty much everything you would expect from a fitness or health blog such as nutritional tips, workouts, motivational posts, etc. In addition to that, they also have contests, giveaways, product reviews, videos and even do a weekly Q&A where they answer submitted questions. There is an overall great mixture of content to explore.


The design of FBG is great. The home page is organized extremely neatly which lets you find whatever you’re looking for with ease. If you like the particular writing style of one of the FBG’s, you can easily navigate to the top under “Blogs” and pick your favorite from the dropdown list. The color scheme and layout all work great with the theme of the blog and it keeps their target audience in mind. One element in particular that I like is the custom Twitter widget on the sidebar. It’s a nice little touch that shows they have great attention to detail.

If I had to say anything negative about the design element, it would be the way that some of the posts are organized. Because of the way their thumbnails are, some of the articles appear crowded and stuffed. Again, not a huge deal but something they might consider looking into.

FBG Layout


FBG Layout 2

Social Media

There’ pretty much nothing negative at all to say about FBG’s social media presence. They do a great job all across the board utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Google+. They made a wise decision to use HootSuite to manage all of their social media profiles which is a necessity for a blog of this size. You’ll find links to all their social media accounts at the bottom.

What Separates FBG

I think the main thing that helps set FBG apart from other fitness related blogs is that all of the ladies are just like regular people. Meaning that they’re not world famous athletes or celebrities that the everyday lady can’t relate to. Their normalness (yup I just made that word up) makes their tips and advice seem more genuine and actionable.

Wrap Up

Fit Bottomed Girls is a great blog that has been around for quite some time now. Any ladies looking to get fit in 2013 needs to become a regular reader of FBG. Even for guys like myself, you’ll easily find entertainment and useful info from the site as well. The score below shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who has read their blog.

Social Media

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