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Blog Review: I’m Not Obsessed

Who hasn’t searched the internet from time  to time in search of some juicy gossip? We all say we’re not into the gossip and that we don’t care what’s going on with the lives of Hollywood’s cast of characters, but the truth is we’re checking out gossip blogs every day. So that brings me to the blog I’m reviewing today, I’m Not Obsessed.

Vera Sweeney

About I’m Not Obsessed

First and foremost, I have to say I love the name of the site. Nothing grabs my attention like a catchy creative domain name. Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, I’m Not Obsessed (INO) is a gossip blog that features news stories, paparazzi pics, and other celeb topics primarily aimed at today’s woman according to the site. It was created by Vera Sweeney who owns I’m Not Obsessed Media. Along with INO, she also runs Babyrazzi and  Lady and the Blog. Although INO prides itself as a blog for women, it’s something that anyone with a need for their gossip fix can enjoy.



When you’re making a blog about celebs, the most important thing is generating enough content. Because things move so quickly in the entertainment niche, readers always want to know what’s going on. Most people don’t just have one site they go to for celeb news and gossip, they browse a few different ones. INO does as good of a job of releasing a lot of gossip and celeb news as any other site that I’ve seen outside of TMZ. In addition to the content that INO publishes, they also share links to other sites that have celeb news as well under their “Daily Link Love” section. I’m not going to lie and pretend like I’m super interested in what’s going on in the lives of Hollywood celebs, but I do indulge in my fair share of celeb gossip blogs from time to time. INO is packed full of great content that enables you to spend a lot of time on the site. They have quizzes, posts, photos (tons of them), contests, and even a Zazzle store to get your INO apparel and accessories. You can easily spend tons of time on INO and get obsessed with INO itself, rather than the lives of the individual celebs.


INO also wins in the design department. I really appreciate the fact that INO uses a blog layout as opposed to an online magazine layout that many celeb focused blogs use. Some of those magazine layouts can get really cluttered and confusing which makes it hard to navigate. INO doesn’t have any of those problems luckily. The top stories are prominently displayed on the top of the Home page and the most recent posts are all on the front as well. If I had to point out something negative about the layout, it would be that the sidebar is a little cluttered for my liking. But the content is all useful and beneficial. You don’t get the feeling that they just threw things on there to take up space. The color scheme works great for this style of blog as well and it’s easy on the eyes (I’m glad they didn’t add a bunch of corny flash animation all over the site!).

Social Media

One of the reasons news and celeb gossip spreads so quickly is due to social media. So it’s important that any blog in this niche is making good use of Social Media. INO is present on both Twitter and Facebook. I have to say I’m a little disappointed in their use of Facebook. They have a good amount of Likes (over 5K) but its basically just a feed for the site. Considering how great of a job Vera does with the INO Mommy Page (FB page for Lady and the Blog), you would expect a lot more form the INO Facebook page. The Twitter page is active with over 8K followers and regular tweets so that’s great and a necessity for a gossip blog.

What Separates INO

INO prides itself as being a “clean” gossip blog that’s Safe for Work. That is definitely one of the things that separates INO. A lot of Gossip blogs are filled with the more raunchy stories (sextapes, nude pics, nipple slips, etc.) but INO focuses on “the latest celebrity gossip, paparazzi photos, and up-to-the minute pop culture news with a targeted focus on celebrity babies, pregnancies, and all things family and relationships”. In such a sex driven, dirty, niche such as celeb gossip, you have to respect a site that goes against the grain. The whole idea of a guilt free gossip blog is ingenious to me and gives them a fresh take on what some consider to be a saturated niche.

The Wrap Up

As you probably guessed, I really like INO and think it’s a great blog. Vera clearly knows how to make great blogs so it should come to no surprise that she has a real winner here. I’d love to see further Social Media integration, mainly with the INO Facebook page. Or even if she got rid of the INO Facebook Page and just combined everything into the INO Mommy page, that would be great. If you’ve never heard of INO or have never given it a chance, it definitely gets a thumbs up from Blog about Blogs.

Social Media

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