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Blog Review: Style Bubble

Today, I’m reviewing fashion blog Style Bubble. It is a London based fashion blog that does a great job of showcasing local designers who the world may not know yet, but soon will. I love fashion blogs because they help give me some creative inspiration from time to time and it’s nice to see great designs and also some awkward looking outfits every now and then. Style Bubble gives you a bit of everything you could ask for in a fashion blog, so reviewing it was pretty fun.

Susie Lau

About Style Bubble

Style Bubble is written by Susie Lau who is a well established writer that resides in London. The blog was started back in 2006 and she shares her thoughts, ideas, and one of the biggest hits with the blog is her showcasing untapped talent in her area (which is great!). The blog has grown exponentially over the years and gets thousands of hits every day. It has been mentioned in several websites including The Guardian who did a full feature on Susie and her blog. So


The Style Bubble blog is very well written (what else would you expect from such an experienced writer?) which is one of the reasons it has garnered such a loyal following. Susie gives you some of her personality in her posts and you really get to know her which is a great aspect for any blog. Obviously since it’s a fashion blog there are plenty of images to look at. It’s great that she goes beyond simply posting pictures of clothes from around the net (which is what a lot of fashion blogs tend to do) and posts designs by locals, her favorite outfits and more.

Style Bubble also does a great job of showing all things creative such as art and design. Since all these different creative elements are combined, mentioning all of them is a necessity for a great fashion blog and she definitely does that. I do wish that there were more videos however. Some video interviews with local designers would be awesome or videos of some of the events she attends would be a nice touch.


The design is of the blog is fun and kind of whimsical. It definitely fits the niche and I think captures the overall mood of the blog as well. I have to say that she does do one of my pet peeves for blogs which is having full posts on the home page rather than excerpts. I feel it throws a lot of content at you all at once. I like to be able to easily scroll through the latest post and identify which stories/posts I want to read instead of having to scroll down through tons of images. Aside from that, I think the design is spot on.

Social Media

The Style Bubble absolutely kills it in the social media field. Her Facebook has almost 30,000 Likes but more importantly is that she uses it properly. She’s constantly updating and posting which encourages user interaction. The same goes for her Twitter account which has 170K+ followers. Some people believe you have to have an account on every social network in order to promote your blog but Susie and Style Bubble are proof that you can work a couple really well and do more than some blogs that use every social network known to man. It’s also worth nothing that she does also have a Tumblr and a Vimeo account as well.

style bubble fashion blog

What Separates Style Bubble

I think the fact that Susie actually goes out into the field of battle so to speak is what really helps set Style Bubble apart. She’s constantly attending events and designer which gives her tons of interesting content for her blog. Also, the transparency of her blog is something to be admired.

Wrap Up

Overall, Style Bubble is arguably one of the best fashion blogs there is. Great original content, showcasing her personality, and making great use of social networking is a combination for success with blogging. If you love fashion and don’t check Style Bubble daily, do yourself a favor and take a gander, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Social Media

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