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One thing I try to do when finding blogs to review is branch out to blogs that are outside of my interests. This allows me to learn some new things and find blogs I normally wouldn’t check out. It may sound really surprising since writing is my full time job, but I don’t really read a lot of books. It’s not so much that I don’t enjoy reading, but it’s more that I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t made the time I should have. Partially due to the blog I’m reviewing here and because I actually do enjoy book, I’m making it a goal to get back into reading. But this isn’t about me and my goals! Here’s my review of The Book Cellar.

About The Book Cellar

The Book Cellar is a blog about books. It was started by a college student named Erica and she reviews books that she reads, holds giveaways, and has some general posts related to books. It is definitely a blog for people who enjoy books but even people who aren’t necessarily frequent readers can get enjoyment and encouragement to pick up a book!

The book cellar


With any blog, the highlight should be the actual content. That’s where The Book Cellar really excels. The mark of a great blog in my opinion is that someone that isn’t necessarily into the blog’s topic can be inspired to read more about it and follow the blog. I can definitely say that this is the vibe I got when I was reading through this blog. I like the overall tone that she writes with. You can tell that she has a genuine passion for books and enjoys reading.

I also have to give props for providing a great mixture of content. The blog isn’t only reviews and isn’t necessarily all content that only reading enthusiasts can enjoy. There are videos, top 10 lists, giveaways, and plenty more to keep things interesting. Overall the content is top notch and definitely the strong point on The Book Cellar.


As you can see, The Book Cellar has a fairly minimalistic design. It works well for this type of blog but I do have a few issues with the design and layout of the blog. The main problem is that I wish it was a little easier to navigate. I think the site would benefit greatly by adding a link at the top for “Book Reviews” so that people seeking reviews can click on it and see an archive of all of her reviews. Also, there’s a bit too much info on the front page. You kind of get hit with information overload with the way that content is thrown at you. The front page suffers from the issue of having full blog posts on the front page instead of excerpts and a link to “Read More”. It’s the same problem that I noted in my review of The Style Bubble. I think a little more organization to the layout/design would really help the blog be easier and more convenient to navigate.

book cellar layout

Social Media

The Book Cellar does a great job in the Social Media department. You can tell that Erica’s preferred social network is Twitter and she uses it very well. She also makes use of some other platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube to name a few. You also have to commend her for going outside of just the typical blogger outlets and using platforms like Amazon and Good Reads.

What Separates The Book Cellar

I’d honestly have to say that it’s Erica herself that makes the blog standout amongst other blogs about books. She lends her personality to the blog so that it’s not just some bland review blog just filled with information. The Book Cellar does an excellent job of being both informative and entertaining.

Wrap Up

If you’re a reading enthusiast, following this blog is an absolute no brainer. If you haven’t read a book since High School and are thinking about getting back into reading, I’d definitely recommend giving the blog a look. Aside from the actual layout of the site, I really like The Book Cellar a lot and will be checking in with it from time to time.

Social Media

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