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Blog Review: Fit Bottomed Girls

With the new year starting off, I know a lot of people made their resolutions to head back to the gym and to finally make this the year. Even though a majority of people don’t end up sticking with it (gyms start to get less packed in March), getting your health on track is always [...]

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Blog Review: The Book Cellar

One thing I try to do when finding blogs to review is branch out to blogs that are outside of my interests. This allows me to learn some new things and find blogs I normally wouldn’t check out. It may sound really surprising since writing is my full time job, but I don’t really read [...]

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Im not obsessed

Blog Review: I’m Not Obsessed

Who hasn’t searched the internet from time  to time in search of some juicy gossip? We all say we’re not into the gossip and that we don’t care what’s going on with the lives of Hollywood’s cast of characters, but the truth is we’re checking out gossip blogs every day. So that brings me to [...]

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Style Bubble Review

Blog Review: Style Bubble

Today, I’m reviewing fashion blog Style Bubble. It is a London based fashion blog that does a great job of showcasing local designers who the world may not know yet, but soon will. I love fashion blogs because they help give me some creative inspiration from time to time and it’s nice to see great [...]

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Blog Review: Collecting Vinyl Records

Today, I have a brief review of the blog, Collecting Vinyl Records. The blog is all about Vinyl records. They feature new releases, album cover art, news, reviews, album sales, and even some music history. It’s targeted towards collectors and music vinyl record enthusiasts. About Collecting Vinyl Records I’ve never really gone on the internet [...]

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Blog Review: Tech n Share

Before I get started, I wanted to say that I love blogs related to blogging and making money online. In fact, a majority of the knowledge I have about blogging and internet marketing comes from reading popular blogs in this niche so I really have to thank all of the blogs out there that have [...]

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